News: Benefits of The Brand Soul

Benefits of The Brand Soul


It is very important for brands to know how they should talk to their customers to make sure they convey their values and brand proposition as they want it to reach their customers. A brand strategy are all the steps that a brand must follow in order to define and promote the brand based on the values established by the entire professional team. The brand strategy is based on the team’s own ideas and values, which are expressed in the Brand Soul where the brand territory and brand proposition are determined and finally defined in a brand manifesto.

This allows us to generate a unified brand proposition, which will influence all aspects and all relevant decisions of the company.

More and more brands are deciding to use the Brand Soul tool to develop their brand strategy, thus creating a coordinated and unified brand proposition that starts with the company’s own team and will shape the company’s future.

How to achieve a brand proposal?

Every brand must find a balance between brand campaigns and sales activation campaigns in order to improve advertising efficiency. The latter achieve one-off sales peaks while brand building campaigns manage over time to position your brand in consumers’ minds allowing you to generate higher sales without the need to make increasingly large investments on branding actions.

The main objective of branding is that the customer chooses your brand at the moment of making a purchase decision.

The Brand Soul tool allows you to build brands. Every company must identify their characteristics in order to be able to know what benefits they have to offer their target audience. When we talk about characteristics we can refer to the famous 4Ps of Marketing: price, product, place and promotion. The company must know at all times the benefits of selling at a certain price, in a certain area, in a different way… This list allows us to obtain the first step of a Brand. We are facing a competitive element and every company must know what makes them different in the market. Once these elements and characteristics have been identified, we can obtain the Brand Territory that makes the Brand unique in the market and differentiates it from the competition.

In terms of brand personality, we must extract the main personality we want the brand to have. This personality will set the tone of the communication that the brand should have in all its communications.

Once we have the brand territory and personality, we are one step away from having the brand proposition.

Brand Soul, the tool that will help you define your brand strategy

The most important thing is to know what makes you special and how you want your brand to evolve in the future. For this purpose, at Kártica we organize an analysis session and a visioning session. In doing so, we will then meet with the entire organization’s team and help you think about what defines your brand.

We base our work on the consumer’s vision of your organization, on the emotional values and rational values associated with it. At Kártica we help you to generate a unified Brand proposition, a philosophy that can influence all aspects and all relevant decisions of your company.

The brand strategy that results from the Brand Soul will serve as a guide for the different departments that make up a company, from communication, to product development, human resources… A unified brand proposition that stems from the organization’s own team and that paves the way for the future.

A brand, just like people, must be humanized and have a purpose in life, apart from generating profits. At Kártica we help you to humanize your brand.