News: Brand KPIS. The tool to find out what your consumers really think of you.

Brand KPIS. The tool to find out what your consumers really think of you.


The methodology shown below is the result of the work of the team at Kártica to improve the branding tools and make them available to the marketing professionals who, like you, care about improving the performance of their strategies and action plans and enhancing the value of their brands.

As we believe in the brand, tools and products as fundamental assets, we take care of them with special protection.

What does the Brand KPI tool allow us to know?

The Brand KPIs tool allows us to know how our brand is performing in the market through different specific branding indicators and not only the classic notoriety indicator.

Conocer nuestros Brand KPIs y los de la competencia y poder trazar su evolución en el tiempo te permitirá evaluar de forma adecuada estrategias y planes de acción de comunicación, así como una gestión más eficiente de la inversión en marketing y comunicación.

When should a company consider monitoring its Brand KPIs?

The ideal situation for KPIs is when a company is investing a medium or high amount of resources in communication (to optimize the efficiency of the investment).

It is very important that you do Brand KPIs because you will achieve two essential benefits:

1. Capacity to react to problems that have arisen or that may arise.

2. Ability to be successful on the specific communication action.

When your communication investment is low, you don’t have much at stake, but when your media budget increases and your investment percentage is medium or high, the decisions you make require a high financial effort and, therefore, making them quickly and reliably makes them much more accurate.

How to know what your consumer really thinks of you with the Brand KPIs tool?

If you want to know how to measure the NOTORIETY, RELEVANCE, DIFFERENTIATION, ESTEEM, FAMILIARITY and INVOLVEMENT of your brand, download our Ebook Brand KPIs:

Download Ebook Brand KPIs

What to do once we have analyzed each of our brand’s KPIs?

Once we have analyzed each of the KPIs of our brand, we will perform the same analysis with the competition to observe where we are strong and where our competitors are weak and vice versa. This competitive analysis will help us to define the Branding Objectives and to know where we can obtain a better positioning than the competition with the least possible effort.

KPIs can be worked on annually or every two years, depending on the speed and competitiveness of the market. It is not only interesting to analyze how my brand is going, but also how the brand actions I have carried out throughout the year have influenced these 6 parameters and also how the competition has reacted with regards to these same parameters.

The Brand KPIs tool will allow us to have an important and valuable market intelligence to build our brand in the right way.