News: Digital Transformation through branding

Digital Transformation through branding


With the emergence of new technologies in our daily lives, we have seen how our way of working, shopping and even relating to others has changed. All companies need to add this concept of Digital Transformation to avoid becoming obsolete. Things are moving very fast and it is truly necessary to adapt to new circumstances. When properly implemented, technology has the potential to to generate new business opportunities and open up new markets.

This digitalization offers great potential in an increasingly technological world for both companies and users. Technologically advanced companies are more profitable and have more satisfied customers.

When we talk about Digital Transformation, we refer to the integration of new technologies in all areas of the company that allow changes in the way of doing things. The main objective of Digital Transformation is to optimize processes, improving their competitiveness and offering added value to their customers.

Diagnostics for Digital Transformation through branding

Here at Kártica we give you the keys to know how to make your company go from selling in a conventional way to having an online business, through your brand. The online business accounts for a large part of the revenue in many companies, so not belonging to the digital world is almost like not existing.

Digital Transformation is no longer considered an option when companies need to renew themselves and adopt digitalization if they want to continue to be competitive. The evolution towards digital is based on four fundamental pillars: technology, corporate culture, customer experience and business objectives.

In Kártica we perform a diagnosis of the current situation of your company so that the Digital Transformation is as effective as possible. Once we know where your customer is, what he/she thinks, what we should tell him/her and what means should be used to communicate with him/her, we will move on to the phase of directing the Digital Transformation.

As mentioned previously, the main objective of Digital Transformation is to optimize processes, improve the competitiveness of your brand and offer new added value to your customers. It is worth stressing that this implies a change in the mindset of the organization’s managers and employees. It is a long-term investment in new working methods that will soon bring results both internally and externally.

What will you find in our e-book?

At Kártica we offer you this e-book in which we give you the keys to Digital Transformation and explain the steps we will take to carry out this process with your brand as the main axis of all the actions to be carried out. All this will be carried out with the explanation of each of the tools we will use to achieve this with your brand.

The Digital Transformation of a company goes beyond creating a simple e-commerce. Before making an important decision, the first thing to do is to conduct a diagnosis of the situation.

At Kártica we carry out this up-to-date diagnosis so that the Digital Transformation is as effective as possible on all levels. This can only be achieved if this process is done through your Brand.

It is important to know that this process is the application of digital capabilities to products and assets to improve the efficiency of your brand. This allows you to enhance customer value, manage risk and uncover new revenue-generating opportunities.

Interested in learning how? At Kártica we give you the keys to achieve it.