News: How to measure a brand with the Brand KPI’s tool?

How to measure a brand with the Brand KPI’s tool?


It is normal that as a company you are concerned about improving the performance of your strategies and action plans in order to improve the value of your brand. However, there are many brands that fall short and do not find the right tools to achieve it.

You should know that this is something normal since many people think they have everything under control, but it turns out that, in fact, far from reality, they realize that there are a series of techniques that must be followed in order to achieve the best results for their organization.

At Kártica we have developed a methodology that seeks to improve branding tools and make them available to all professionals in the sector. Your brand is a fundamental asset and therefore must be taken care of with special protection and know how to handle the situation in any circumstance.

Nobody has said that it is an easy task and for this reason, from Kártica we give you the keys that seek to achieve success for your brand. The Brand KPI’s tool goes beyond brand awareness. Data is objective and will allow you to evolve in the most accurate way and achieve the best results.

Can a brand be measured?

It is very important, first of all, to understand the concept of measuring your brand and what we want to achieve with it. The most important thing is to know how your brand is performing in the market through different specific indicators. To do so, we will use the Brand KPIs tool. Something really necessary and very useful in branding.

You must know who buys from you and thus understand the consumer in order to get closer to them. By doing so, your brand will get your products or services to be of great value to them. The most important thing is that your client knows you, values you, feels connected to you and, above all, that he/she repeats.

The Brand KPI’s tool allows us to have the ability to react to problems that have arisen or may arise in the company’s environment. Both internally and externally. Big budget campaigns require a very high financial effort and for that you need to make quick and reliable decisions. All this makes them much more accurate.

Companies should manage campaigns based on many aspects and should measure them with the intention of obtaining the most accurate results and achieving the established objectives.

It is advisable to measure your brand on a semi-annual or annual basis and see in that period of time not only how your brand has evolved but also how the competition has reacted.

Competitor analysis

Once the KPI’s analysis of your company has been carried out, you must perform a competitive analysis that allows you to assess the strengths and weaknesses in comparison with other companies in the same sector. This will allow you to improve in those aspects of your company that are weaker and to know where to position yourself in order to achieve the company’s objectives.

The main objective of the Brand KPI’s tool is to know what your consumer really thinks of your brand and to obtain a better positioning than the competition. This tool will allow you to have valuable intelligence of the market where your company is located in order to build your brand in the most suitable way.

It is not only convenient to analyze how your brand is, but also how the actions carried out over the established period of time have influenced the parameters used.

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