News: Interview on the new Post Pandemic Consumer Insights

Interview on the new Post Pandemic Consumer Insights


Interview on the Paco Cremades show, about our latest study on the New Insights of the Post Pandemic Consumer.

Consumer behaviour has changed and will never be the same as it was before the pandemic. At Kártica we have followed the evolution of the consumer since the beginning and we have detected how the main motivations to spend and to adapt to this new way of life have changed.

Through a Focus Group conducted with consumers, we have tried to forecast how the consumer will really behave once the pandemic is over, because the key is to ask the consumer what motivations they have, how they feel, what needs, experiences and beliefs they have.

In the aftermath of this pandemic there are changes that will endure and others that will disappear, and we have focused on the changes that will remain.

A change that will last will be “Solidarity”
Consumers are becoming closer and more supportive of their local businesses. They are starting to reject brands that don’t have purpose. Responsible consumption has made a strong comeback.

Another change that is here to stay is the “rejection of fear”. Credibility in the media is being lost. It is clear to consumers that freedom is going to be the new currency, so brands that use freedom as a conversation with the consumer are likely to get more attention than brands that do not.

If you want to listen to the complete interview please click on this link PODCAST “A pie de calle”