News: Interviewing Kártica on Capital Radio

Interviewing Kártica on Capital Radio


Last December 10th, we had the opportunity to participate on the Capital Radio show where we were able to contribute our experiences and share them with their audience At Kártica we face new experiences on a daily basis and we develop different strategies so that your brand can achieve the best results. We use different Marketing techniques that allow us to obtain the best results so that your campaigns achieve the desired reach.

This time we were able to share with Capital Radio listeners our latest achievement by referring to the first prize obtained in the ‘Brand Experience‘ category of the 1st Aebrand Awards with our Brand Soul work for ‘Les Arts.

The work conducted by Kártica sought to change the positioning of the ‘Palau de les Arts‘. We wanted to let the public know that we are facing something that is more than opera, we wanted to change an idea that has been fixed in the minds of Valencians for years.

What does experience in the branding industry bring to the table?

Any consumer or customer remembers better those moments that generate emotions and it is something to take into account when we talk about experience since it is a very strong feeling for any brand. Once you learn to differentiate all the aspects that make it up, you have a lot of potential ahead of you.

In our particular case, at Kártica we have developed a new brand proposition based on the consumer experience of the ‘Palau de les Arts‘. All this has been achieved as a result of a Strategic Plan proposed by the ‘Palau de les Arts‘ itself in collaboration with the advertising agency and communications group Serviceplan.

In the past, the content that they were proposing was focused on them, and we have come in to change the focus that would later achieve the award obtained. Our brand experience proposition focuses on forgetting what the ‘Palau de les Arts‘ is and focusing on what the consumer needs to enjoy.

What differentiates Kártica from the rest?

It is not an easy task to develop a new brand experience, much less for something that has already been established in the consumer’s mind for many years. That is why our work always focuses on two aspects that are relevant to any company:

– We try to place on the company’s steering committee its own consumer, whom we know perfectly well because we study them with Marketing tools such as Focus Groups or through market research.

– We seek to reconcile a unique and unrepeatable brand proposition by always putting the client at the center of all actions.

After the development carried out by Kártica, we had many rewards, among them the first prize in the category ‘Palau de les Arts‘ of the 1st Aebrand Awards and the congratulations from the organization of the ‘Palau de les Arts‘ because they found it interesting and they were unable to do something like this from within.

Something that many of the brands we have worked with for many years have been telling us is that sometimes you need someone from outside to tell you what to do. This is where we come in to offer the best branding propositions for companies.

We are very proud of what we have achieved and that is because four years ago, in Kártica we focused on Branding only and that is what makes us the best in this specialization. We do brand construction and architecture and when we need a service that we do not perform, we ask for help from the best agency in the world in that specialization, as in the case of Serviceplan for the work performed by Brand Soul for the ‘Palau de les Arts‘. This award recognizes the highest degree of specialization and we are very proud of it.

Many thanks to Juan Manuel Urraca and Capital Radio for inviting us to the show “La Magia de la Publicidad” to talk about our work for the ‘Palau de les Arts‘.