News: Kártica Ambassadors Session

Kártica Ambassadors Session


It is very important for us to tell what we do and how we do it because sharing and listening is the best way to provide something different as a company.

We had the pleasure of meeting with our Ambassadors to share some of our latest projects and to launch our new product: Employer Branding and Mindfulness.

This is a branding model focused on the people who make up the company, since having a good working environment in the organization is essential to build and manage the brand itself.

Why work mindfulness and emotional intelligence in the workplace?

  • Emotions are contagious.
  • The group affects you and you affect the group, both positively and negatively.
  • People who are more emotionally expressive have a greater influence on others.
  • Working outside of emotions is unhealthy and often leads to undesirable consequences.

We had the pleasure of having the participation of our colleague Amparo Pérez, CEO and specialist in Clinical Psychology and Mindfulness at Metta Centre. After her presentation and a short discussion about the importance of having a healthy work environment, as well as taking care of our mental health; Amparo was our guide during a meditation practice.

By working on the emotional aspects and looking inside people, we will achieve this. And only with someone to guide us are we able to discover extraordinary things and create that link between talent and the company.

Because a brand that is not humanized is just a brand.