News: Sell on your online business, through your brand

Sell on your online business, through your brand


How to transition your company from selling conventionally to having an online business through your brand.


The digital transformation of a company goes beyond creating a simple e-commerce . As for everything in life, before making an important decision, the first thing to do is to make a diagnosis of the situation.
At Kártica we make a diagnosis of your current situation so that the digital transformation is as effective as possible at all levels, and this can only be achieved if the digital transformation is done through your brand. You may be wondering, through my brand? Yes, through your brand; Let me explain:

I will warn you that if you decide to make the digital transformation of your company through your brand, it will not be more expensive than if you decide to take the step into the digital world without taking into account your brand. What is certain is that it will be more effective, coherent and your brand will be better built and with more value than if you had not taken it into account.

With our model, budget will never be a problem because when you have all the information you need and you know all the actions you need to take, you just have to prioritize which ones to start with. So the budget will only make the project advance faster if we have a large budget, or slower if we do not have a large budget and we need to finance ourselves with the results in order to continue advancing.

You can probably relate to the following sentence:
“I’m aware that I need a digital transformation, but I don’t have the time or structure to do it.”
Well if so, you shouldn’t feel alone because this is a feeling that most CEO’s and Marketing Directors have when they realize that it’s time to start selling online and open up a really interesting new channel of business.

Let us explain the steps we will take in order to carry out this digital transformation with your brand as the main axis of all the actions to be carried out.


1.- The first step is to define your brand proposition, we will do this using our Brand Soul tool.

What is the Brand Soul?

It consists of an active listening session with the entire management team to find out how your brand is speaking to your customer: its personality, values, territory, and proposition.
Based on the vision you have of your company, the emotional and rational values associated with it, we will help you generate a unified brand proposition. This unified brand will be the axis on which all the actions we take will pivot, so that we can digitalize the company and build the brand.

2.- The second step will be to establish the means to communicate our brand proposition through the Consumer Journey tool.

What is the Consumer Journey?

The Consumer Journey is a tool that orders the brand’s points of contact with the user according to the moment of the relationship that the user has with the brand: When they don’t know us yet, when they are looking for us, when they are in the purchasing decision, when they buy from us, when they are loyal or when we want them to refer us.

This gives us an overview and gives us the criteria to evaluate which digital content or tools we should prioritize. And what key messages should we develop at each moment and for each department involved in the digital transformation.

3.- The third step and one of the most important ones is to know what is in the mind of our consumer by means of the Focus Group tool.

What is a Focus Group?

It is a dialogue session with consumers and non-consumers of your product, in which we analyze market trends and extract the purchasing motivations of these consumers or potential consumers.
So now the decisions made in the company will be contrasted with what your consumer thinks. So we already have information about what they need today and what they will want tomorrow.

If you are still not convinced to take the step to sell online with us, Enrique Pernía CEO of Kártica explains the benefits of making this digital transformation through the brand and the advantages of using the Brand Soul, Consumer Journey and Focus Group tools.

The two main benefits of making a digital transformation through the brand

The first benefit is that the brand will be the axis on which all the actions we do will pivot, so that we will be able to digitalize the company and build the brand.
At the end of the process we will obtain a built brand with value.
The second benefit will be that the model gives us the possibility to be very selective in deciding which actions we want to work with and which actions we are going to prioritize.
That’s why budget will never be an issue, it will only make the project go faster or slower.

What difference does it make for my company to make the digital transformation with my brand in mind and using the Brand Soul tool?

In a globalized and sadly automated world where brands are becoming less and less personal, developing first and foremost the Brand proposition (Brand Soul) and base the digital transformation on it, will mean that we can carry out a more human communication, which connects more with our end consumer and avoid being a content-generating machine.
We don’t want brands to be content generation machines. We want to humanize brands again, to feel that behind the brands there are people thinking about the consumer.


Taking into account my brand and using the Consumer Journey tool:

The Consumer Journey tool will allow us to know what is the relationship that our brand has with our consumer. If we take care to know where our brand is in the relationship with the consumer, we will know what we have to tell them.

This will allow us to be very selective when choosing the actions we are going to carry out and which of these we are going to prioritize. This allows us to enrich the model, choosing first a few actions that we can gradually complicate so that in the end the entire company is digitalized, but we will do it progressively so that both the organization and the consumer understand, apply and enjoy the model.

Taking into account my brand and using the Focus Group tool:

If it is clear in your company that it is the customer or consumer who is in charge of your brand, it is very important to take him/her into account when making decisions.
When we talk to consumers, we talk to them about trends, so we have information about their present and their near future, and therefore we can build our project, our model or our brand based on what they will want or need tomorrow.

Once we know where our customer is and what he thinks, thanks to the Focus Group, what I have to tell him, thanks to the Brand Soul, and what means I have to use to communicate with him, thanks to the Consumer Journey, we will move on to the phase of directing the digital transformation:

  • We will need to invest in the right technology to optimize the efficiency of these changes.
  • Redefine the content and the media in which we will communicate.
  • Rethink the digital environment in which the buying and selling of the product or service takes place.
  • Digitalize physical environments to turn them into hybrids.
  • Rethink the product or service with a technological/digital prism.
  • Put people (of the company and customers) at the centerof all decisions in this digital transformation.
If you don’t have it yet, you can download the EBOOK ON DIAGNOSIS FOR DIGITAL TRANSFORMATION THROUGH THE BRAND here