Brand Audit


Who knows you? Do your customers know what differentiates you from your competitors? What values are associated with your brand? Does your business strategy take your brand into account? Does your entire team understand the brand in the same way? Does one of your products get all the attention and eclipse the rest?

In this case, and in many others, a brand audit can help you. Each company has a brand and that brand responds to certain values. These values may be the result of a previous strategy or may have emerged spontaneously.

The brand audit is an analysis work that analyzes all the actions linked to the brand that the company has developed over time to determine their coherence and the values they transmit. To this end, rational but also emotional factors must be analyzed in order to understand the relationship between the consumer and the brand.

Through the quantitative results of a market study, the position of the brand relative to its competitors in the customer’s collective imagination is established. It also determines to what extent your brand is known by customers, what opinion they have of it, what values they associate with it and to what extent they feel connected to it.

This qualitative and quantitative data provides information on your general condition and on the lines of work that can boost your competitiveness.

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