Brand Defender


This role appears after having developed a brand proposition with the objective of being able to defend this new brand proposition against its worst enemy, which is usually the company itself. The company is used to a dynamic of communication, product and innovation that has been developed over a long period of time, and even if a new strategy has been developed, the tendency to fall back to the same old habits is very high.

The role of Brand Defender is usually, and especially at the beginning, performed by someone external to the company, since it is more difficult for them to be influenced by the previous brand and communication concept and therefore they will be more loyal to defend the new brand strategy.

All the elements of communication, product and innovation must undergo his/her supervision, in essence, all the new actions that are going to represent the brand. The Brand Defender must judge whether this product or development is within the new brand proposition that has been carried out or not. He/She will not do it in a subjective way, but in an objective way because he/she has perfectly outlined which is the new brand territory, which things fit in or not and which is the brand personality that defines the tone of the communication in such a way that not only indicates if it is right or wrong, but which would be the right way to make a good coherent communication with the new brand proposition.

The role of Brand Defender should be implemented in a company at least three to six months after the brand has been built, as he/she will be the faithful guide during this time as to how all communication actions or actions that directly affect the brand should be developed.

Why should the role of Brand Defender exist right after the development of the Brand Soul?
Because what usually happens is that, if the Brand Soul is carried out without the role of Brand Defender, the company does not manage to optimally implement the brand strategy. So it is this person who ensures that the new proposition will be applied in all future elements and that if the communication pieces of the past are to continue to be used, they must be reviewed to see if they are aligned with the new brand proposition.

In what type of companies does the role of Brand Defender work best?
It works perfectly when there are many people involved in building the brand. For example, a company that works with many distribution companies and these make communications from the brand, the logical course of action would be for the brand defender to review all these communications that will be made by the different distribution companies and others that work with the brand.

The idea is to generate a filter where not just anyone can communicate with the brand and in the event that they do communicate, that development has to be filtered, both in terms of content, tone and graphics, in order to achieve consistency for the consumer of all the companies that are communicating on behalf of the brand.
When what is also being developed is a product and we are working on a licensing or franchising model, it is even more important because there are many people who have their own assessment of the brand, and so they project it as they understand it.

This results in many different brands even though they communicate the same brand because they go through the interpretation of a third party.

When we work with the role of Brand Defender, what we achieve is that all the brand criteria is developed by only one person, thus avoiding multiple interpretations of the same brand. In time, when this criterion is implemented throughout the company, it will be much easier for all communication to be aligned with the brand.

Brand Defender is not a role of graphic design or communication defender, above all, it ensures that the values set forth in the brand proposition are the main focus of all communications. There are communications that may be well executed graphically but incorrect in terms of the concept or values they convey. Therefore, it acts not only in the graphic aspect but also in the value aspect.

The best way for the brand strategy to be well implemented in the company and to achieve good objectives in the market is for the role of Brand Defender to be developed by Kártica for at least the first six months. During this period of time, we train a person within the company to take on this role in the future.

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