Brand Strategy


What is a brand startegy?

The brand strategy are the steps to define and promote your brand based on the values established by the whole team. A joint work session where the indicators that define a brand are established, all the people on the team agree and the steps to promote it are established.

How to create a brand startegy?

In order to develop a brand strategy, we organize an analysis session and a forecasting session. We will meet with the whole team and help you think about what defines your brand, what makes you special and how you want that brand to evolve in the future.

Based on the consumer’s vision of your company, the emotional and rational values they associate with it, we will help you generate a unified brand proposition, a philosophy that can influence all aspects and all relevant decisions of your company.

This work will be embodied in the Brand Soul – which is based on the management team’s own ideas and values – and in a Brand Manifesto, which determines the brand territory, i.e. the emotional space that allows the development of a brand personality.

What is the purpose of creating a brand strategy?

This work will serve as a guide for departments ranging from communication, to product development, human resources and commercial, among others. A coordinated and unified proposal that starts from the company’s own team and paves the way for the future.

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