Insight Focus Group


Insight Focus Group as a tool to seek consumer motivations

The Insight Focus Group session consists of a meeting in which consumers of a brand with similar profiles are brought together to seek their motivations. In the event of having diverse profiles, separate meetings are organized.

The choice of attendees must be very carefully selected because, in the consumer section, not only factors such as geography, age and gender are taken into consideration, but also behavioural profiles, i.e. behaviours that are of interest to us in order to understand their perception of the brand and the reasons why they consume a certain product.

Therefore, it is crucial to formulate appropriate screening questions so that profiles that are not of interest to us do not attend the Insight Focus Group. The Insight Focus Group session lasts about three hours.

What Insights or Motivations are sought during the Focus Group process?

Initial phase: We must make the consumer understand what we are looking to get out of him/her. We ask them about different consumer trends and their experiences with these trends. Our objective is to understand the reasons why they consume a product, which are sometimes subconscious.

Category Insight/Motivations: This allows us to know your impressions about the changes occurring in the different product categories. It is very different, for example, to buy fashion than to buy an appliance, which is much more expensive. For example, booking a trip is a very emotional process.

Consumer Insight/Motivations: In which we discover how consumers are changing their habits regarding new consumer trends and how they are affected by the changes that are occurring across the board.

Brand Insight/Motivations: It encompasses rational and emotional criteria. We propose the position of the brand depending on the values that are being worked on. We want to know how they relate to a brand that has a specific personality or interest and has a specific way of doing things. If you speak from emotions, you generate attention. The consumer discovers a brand that speaks their language and a product that is shown as a solution to the problem they are facing.

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Why should a company consider this option?

Companies that have historically driven commercial leadership or established themselves in a particular distribution channel have generated all their brand power from rational, product-based arguments. But when we want to target a consumer and differentiate ourselves, it is only logical that our communication revolves around the consumer’s needs when acquiring our product and not so much around the product itself or its features.

This strategy works very well in business-to-business (B2B) relationships because, although they may seem more rational, behind every transaction there is a person. A person with motivations and problems when it comes to making a purchase and a bond with that particular product. We even discover that the image of the person making the purchase is overvalued or undervalued by his or her peers depending on the brand with which he or she is associated. Therefore, it is important to work on brand recognition from other companies.

In the case of the consumer, all companies involved in consumer products should work with insights. And increasingly so because, especially with digital businesses, the consumer has less time to receive a lot more information. If that information does not address their motivations or problems and only talks about the product, it is immediately discarded because it does not trigger any emotional elements.

How long does the Insight Focus Group process take and what parts does it consist of?

The Insight Focus Group process is comprised of three parts:

  1. The first is the segmentation of the target audience that allows us to generate screening questions. From the beginning of the process until the meeting is held, two weeks are necessary to carry out the necessary preliminary work.
  2. The second is the session itself, which lasts about three hours.
  3. The third phase lasts between one week and ten days, which is dedicated to extract the insights and categorize them.

What is the purpose of conducting an Insight Focus Group?

The Insight Focus Group tool does not look for general motivations but for motivations separated by the different audiences and by the different moments in their relationship with the brand. This implies that there are different insights/motivations in the scenario where the consumer is aware of the brand and in the scenario where he/she is not, in the scenario where he/she is looking for information about the same category motivation. They are also different if he/she is considering making a purchase and if he/she does make a purchase. Some are more rational and others more emotional, but both seek to position us as the number 1 option in the purchase decision.

Finally, we work on specific insights or motivations for loyalty and prescription. When customers have already bought from us, they have a different, more mature relationship with the brand, which means that we can use a different tone in our communication with them.

Deliverables in the Insight Focus Group session

1. Insight Focus group

2. Insight session

3. Insight session report