News: What is a Focus Group and what is it used for?

What is a Focus Group and what is it used for?


The Focus Group is a methodology that can be very useful for your marketing strategies. Many companies use it to obtain certain data in order to create strategies better aligned with their objectives. It allows us to obtain qualitative data in order to gather several people in an interview, where all possible opinions about a specific product or service are exposed.

It is a very useful methodology that allows us to understand certain motivations present in consumers’ minds. The purpose is to bring together consumers with similar characteristics so that they can share their ideas and provide as many motivations or insights as possible about your brand. Insights are truths present in the consumer’s mind, but brands are often unable to discover them. This is why we should use group methodologies such as Focus Groups.

What is achieved with this methodology is that your brand has an interesting dialogue with your consumer, based on the insights that arise from the Focus Group.

In order to carry out the Focus Group methodology, some guidelines must be followed in order to make it as successful as possible and achieve the best results. And that’ s why today we are going to talk about this methodology and its advantages for companies.

What do we achieve with Focus Groups?

More and more people are deciding to buy with a motive and are choosing between different brands based on the motivations that drive them or insights that are present in consumers’ minds. We found an increase in consumption of brands with a purpose, and that is because consumers think that a brand should not only sell something, but also provide something more.

Our goal at Kártica is to know the reasons why they consume a product, which are sometimes subconscious. To know what they are thinking in that exact moment and what made them choose that specific brand over any other. There is always a reason behind every purchase and with the Focus Group we can find out the rational and emotional criteria that led them to choose your brand. Thanks to this we can know that purchases are not only rational. There are different emotions behind each situation and we are able to find out what they are.

Thanks to this, your brand can orient marketing strategies and actions towards in the right path, knowing how your consumers will act in each situation. New consumer trends are changing consumer habits and we can therefore anticipate these changes that are occurring across the board in society.

Why is this methodology necessary?

The center of all marketing actions are consumers. This allows brands to understand consumers’ rational and emotional criteria for each purchase. Behind every purchase there is a person. Someone with motivations and doubts when it comes to establishing a link with that particular product.

All brands involved in consumer products should work with insights. This will allow them to know what their target audience thinks of their brand and be able to approach them. There are myriad insights and purchase motivations that depend on the characteristics and situations of each consumer. The important thing with Focus Groups is to be able to cover as many people as possible in order to better understand consumers’ decisions.

Motivations vary depending on whether the consumer knows your brand or not, if there is already a link established with him/her, or even if he/she is looking for information about the same category motivation.

Now that you understand how to carry out the Focus Group methodology, you can deepen your knowledge by contacting us through the following link. We will explain everything you need for your marketing strategies and your rebranding.