News: What is a brand identity and why is it important?

What is a brand identity and why is it important?


You have probably already heard about brand identity but you are not familiar with the subject or you would like to know more about this aspect to be able to apply it. A brand is not just a company that manufactures products and sells them, there is much more to it and you can’t rely on that alone, otherwise your brand will be doomed to failure.

First of all, you must know that a brand is a set of characteristics that differentiates it. It usually consists of a name, a logo, a design or other elements that compose it.

So after knowing this, what is the brand identity? In Marketing, it is known as the set of characteristic elements that make up a brand and make it unique and recognizable to your target audience. It is not just a logo or a name, creating a brand goes much further and requires the involvement of many internal and external factors.

To build a brand, we apply values, elements of expression and features that define it and give it personality.

At Kártica we help you achieve a brand identity and to be unique in the market. You will be able to stand out from your competition and generate emotions and stimulate your audience.

Visual identity or how to create a brand

For the creation of a brand, you must integrate everything that sustains a brand, both visually and in terms of experience and principles. Its purpose is to create a unique personality for your brand and stand out in an increasingly saturated market. It is very difficult for users to choose a product or brand when they receive thousands of stimuli on a daily basis.

The user is the center of all your communications, if you facilitate the purchase decision, you will generate stimuli or emotions creating a strong link between your brand and him/her. Brand identity enhances your recognition, creates a strong personality and attracts new customers while delighting existing ones.


  • Mission, vision and values: Conveys certain principles and builds a distinctive and unique culture in the market.
  • Customer experience: You must care about your customers as they are the most important element in all of this. You must generate emotions and feelings in them, when they see your brand.
  • Logo: The most recognized part of a brand since it is easy to perceive and allows people to remember your brand in a quick and simple way.
  • Images and photos: These aspects are closely related to your brand, so you should take care of this aspect. Your customer will associate the images with your brand’s personality. You must create a strong visual identity to generate harmony in all its aspects.

How to develop a brand identity?

As mentioned above, you must follow some fundamental steps to build your brand. The goal is to make your brand stand out and gain recognition among your audience.

The first step in creating a brand identity is to conduct market research. You must be clear on and understand the following elements:

  • Your audience
  • Mission & vision
  • Value proposition
  • Brand personality
  • SWOT analysis

Once you have done the first step of market research, you must now start to create and bring your brand to life. We are talking about the design and the creation of stimuli in your audience. For the second step of the brand creation you must take into account:

  • Logo
  • Colour
  • Typography
  • Branding

All your messages should be logical and you should avoid sending contradictory messages to your customers. It’s obvious, but many brands don’t really know how to do it correctly and start losing part of their audience little by little without knowing the exact reason. It is one of the most relevant aspects of creating a brand and visual identity.

To do this you must be consistent both online and offline. Visual identity is a work of consistency and you can’t let it go because your audience notices it and that’s just the moment when you lose notoriety.

The emotional factor has gained a strong position in the decisions of your target audience in relation to rational arguments. At Kártica we help you create the visual identity of your brand to obtain a solid personality.